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Planning a wedding in Dubai? For all of your transportation needs, go no further than Wanderlust De Dubai! We guarantee a seamless and unforgettable wedding transportation service experience with our extensive fleet of vehicles, skilled drivers, and attention to safety and comfort.

wedding transportation
wedding transportation

Why Choose Wanderlust De Dubai Wedding Transportation Service?

There is not just one but so many reasons to choose Wanderlust De Dubai Transport.

We have:

  • Both AC and non-AC cars are kept up properly.
  • Vehicles with a range of sizes and seating arrangements, from large, luxurious buses to minivans.
  • Vans, pickups, and buses for weekly and monthly use.
  • Various renting bundles.
  • 24-hour customer assistance is available to assist travelers and commuters.
  • Constantly available online booking service.
  • Every vehicle should have regular cleaning and sanitization.
  • Lots of space for bags.
  • Skilled drivers and committed employees
  • High-performance, insured, and environmentally friendly cars

Options Available for Wedding Guest Transportation Services

Wanderlust De Dubai is a Wedding Guest Transportation Service designed for particular occasions. Vans, buses, and pickups are our three primary rental options for trips or travels.

Rent Vans for Wedding Guest Transportation

We have several options available for van rental:


Rent Buses for Wedding Guest Transportation

We have several options available for bus rental:


Rent Mercedes for Wedding Guest Transportation

We have several options available for Mercedes rental:


Comfortable Travel Between Ceremony & Reception

With Wanderlust De Dubai’s wedding shuttle service, enjoy your ease and enjoyment of smooth transportation between wedding locations. Your guests will come excited and ready to celebrate, whether their preferences are to relax in flexible back seats, share photos via free WiFi, or enjoy a piece of personalized wedding music. 

Get Home Safely

For smooth, hassle-free wedding guest transportation services in Dubai at reasonable prices, Wanderlust De Dubai is your best option. Our expert drivers ensure everyone gets home safely while you dance and celebrate. We can handle different group sizes with our selection of vehicles, ensuring comfortable travel for everybody.

Transportation to Pre-Wedding Events

At Wanderlust De Dubai are aware that your wedding events go beyond the actual day. Also provide dependable, comfortable, and safe transportation for all of your pre-wedding activities because of this. Easily We can handle everything, from bachelor/bachelorette shuttles to transportation between rehearsal dinners for the entire family, to ensure an enjoyable lead-up to your special day. 

About Wanderlust De Dubai

Wanderlust de Dubai is a Tourism company that is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and provides bus rental services. The word “Wanderlust” describes a great desire to travel and discover new locations. Thus, “Wanderlust de Dubai” suggests a business that meets the needs of individuals who want to travel to Dubai and its surroundings.

To give their clients smooth travel experiences, they offer transportation services, such as bus rentals. To allow clients to concentrate on enjoying their trip and exploring new places, they strive to make travel enjoyable, easy, and unforgettable. If you want to learn more about this company, you can follow this link Wanderlust De Dubai.

Contact Wanderlust De Dubai

Address: Morocco G Cluster, International City, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +97155-6929451 / +97155-1523285


Q1: What types of vehicles does Wanderlust De Dubai offer for wedding guest transportation? Wanderlust De Dubai offers vans, buses, and Mercedes options for wedding guest transportation, including vans with seating capacities ranging from 13 to 15 seats, buses with seating capacities ranging from 30 to 50 seats, and Mercedes vehicles like the Benz Sprinter and V Class.

Q2: Can I book transportation services for my wedding guests on a weekly or monthly basis?
Yes, Wanderlust De Dubai provides vans, pickups, and buses for weekly and monthly use, ensuring flexible options for your wedding transportation needs.

Q3: How can I book wedding transportation services with Wanderlust De Dubai?
You can easily book wedding transportation services with Wanderlust De Dubai through our online booking platform, available 24/7 for your convenience.

Q4: What amenities are available in Wanderlust De Dubai’s wedding shuttle services?
Wanderlust De Dubai’s wedding shuttle services offer flexible seating arrangements, free WiFi for sharing photos, and personalized wedding music options for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Q5: Are Wanderlust De Dubai’s drivers experienced and professional?
Yes, Wanderlust De Dubai’s drivers are skilled professionals dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation for wedding guests, ensuring a smooth and pleasant journey for everyone.


Wanderlust De Dubai provides a selection of reliable and comfortable transportation choices for weddings, ensuring everyone gets there safely and fully appreciates the occasion. We provide smooth booking procedures, well-maintained cars, and skilled drivers to ensure a wonderful and hassle-free wedding day transportation experience. Get in touch with us now for an effortless and enjoyable trip!


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