Sharjah Classic Car Museum

After fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are trying to return to their normal routine, and traveling is high on everybody’s list. Undoubtedly, the will to travel increased because the pandemic increased people’s desire to explore. Or, who would not want to see the world after a supposed apocalypse?

People have been exploring vacation spots in recent years, and Dubai is one of the most favored countries for vacation. The country has a fast-developing technology, with which they are developing some of the world’s most advanced structures.

Therefore, we have come to not only tell you to visit Dubai but also one of the things to do in Dubai. Sharjah Car Museum is a must-visit for car lovers and everyone visiting Dubai. With a collection of over a hundred vintage vehicles between 1915 and 1987, the museum offers an extensive and enjoyable experience on cars.

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Explore the World of Automobiles with Sharjah Car Museum

The Sharjah car museum is the perfect vacation spot for any car lover. You will be able to experience vintage classes and immerse yourself in them. Also, the museum offers a rich education on the rise of the automotive industry.

Here are some reasons you should put Sharjah Car Museum on the must-visit list for your next trip to Dubai:

A Source of Inspiration

If your child wants to pursue a career in the automobile industry, the Sharjah car museum is a great place to build love and foster connections with cars. The experience gained in this museum can help strengthen the child’s love for cars, set them stronger on their path, and give them clarity about their choices.

Also, professionals in many fields can gain innovations from the museum. For instance, a gamer visiting the place can draw inspiration to develop a car-centered game.


One of the primary benefits you will gain from visiting the Sharjah Car Museum in Dubai is the education it offers. The museum educates tourists about the development of car production and the automobile industry over the years. Also, visiting the museum can give you adequate knowledge about cars, their making, functionalities, and car models, among others.

Immersive Experience

Another reason to visit the Sharjah Car Museum as a car lover is its various activities that can blow you away into the car world. For instance, there is a puzzle area for children, which is an interactive activity that makes them enjoy and have a thorough feeling of their visit to the place.

It is Not Just About Cars

The Sharjah Car Museum does not only allow you to immerse yourself in the automobile world. They also put some thoughts into considering you and your needs in the museum. The museum’s signs are not only in their native language, Arabic, but also in English to reach a wider audience. Also, there is wheelchair access, showing the all-inclusive nature of the museum.

You can sit and take pictures in the museum, giving you the joy of framing a picture yourself with a vintage car many can only dream about. In addition, there is free wifi, meaning you can upload your experience in real time at no extra cost.

Sharjah Classic Car Museum

Cars Categories in the Museum

Like every other museum, the Sharjah car museum is also segmented. This segmentation has been done over the years, from the oldest four wheels ever invented to the classic cars of the 80s.

Before a vehicle can be considered classic in UAE, it must be at least 30 years old and possess other qualities. The segmentation makes it easier for tourists to navigate the museum and has a sort of order for their sighting, making it easy to immerse in.

Early Autos (1915 – 1939)

While the UAE has some of the latest and technologically advanced vehicles in the world, their love for classic and vintage cars can never be underestimated. UAE has communities and groups who love cars and constantly celebrate their passion for the four-wheelers. Therefore, you should not be surprised that the Sharjah car museum has vehicles from the 20th century.

This section is the introductory section of the museum, featuring cars from over a century ago. The most outstanding car in this section is the 1915 Dodge model, which is also the oldest car in the museum.

The Automobile Refine (1940 – 1959)

This segment features a lot about American brands that entered the automobile market as the period is the World War II era. An outstanding piece in this segment is the 1957 Bedford Model, made by the British for the UAE military.

New Heights of Innovation (1960 – 1987)

Welcome to the segment where you can see one of the cars used by a Sharjah Ruler, the 1969 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman, belonging to His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah. This vehicle is outstanding to date because less than 3000 of it was made.

Large Vehicle and United Arab Emirate (UAE) Monitoring

This section features four-wheel drives, including the earliest taxis and vehicles used for military purposes. The eyes cynosure of this section is the 1957 military Bedford.


The focus is the complete classic automobile experience, right? The Sharjah Car Museum does not only display vintage and classic cars but also shows other information regarding the stories of automobile development in the country. For instance, there is a display of vehicles that tell significant histories and UAE taxis in the olden days. Also, there are displays of the first fuel stations and cycles invented.

Similarly, the retro feeling can be perked by looking at old advertisements regarding vehicles. You can even pick out a lovely souvenir related to vintage cars on your way out to commemorate your time in the museum, make the nostalgic feelings last longer, and remember things you learned there.

Ticketing and Entrance Policies for Sharjah Car Museum

With so much spent on bringing the museum to life, it is essential to note that entrance to the museum is not free. The museum is ticketed with entrance fees ranging from AED 3 to AED 10. However, there are exceptions to this ticketing policy.

For instance, students from both private and public schools can enter the museum for free. Also, entrance is free for children of less than two years, whether they come alone, in a group, or even with a group of other people who are meant to pay.

Furthermore, you can plan your visit to the Sharjah Classic Museum for some days as you can get entrance into the museum for free on these days. They include The UAE’s National Day, Martyr Day, and Sharjah Heritage Day.


The Sharjah car museum is a must-visit for car lovers. Showcasing vintage, rare, and exotic cars, the museum provides an all-encompassing experience for car lovers. The museum opens on Tuesdays to Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. However, it only opens from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The museum is all-inclusive, factoring nursing mothers in with their changing table, considering the Muslims with the prayer rooms, having activities for children, and wheelchair access for the disabled.

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